Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And The Beats Go On...

Met with Dr. Thomas this morning at 8:45 am (well, more like 9:30) for a meet n' greet and to measure Lidia's vitals at Week 21, and of course, another chance to hear the twins' heartbeats, which I think if broadcast from orbiting satellites, would resolve centuries-old conflicts within seconds. Straight-talkin' Dr. Thomas gave us the low-down on the "listeria" scare (those reading this in the future, or having recently crawled out from under a rock, have been spared the current hysteria over tainted meat from the once-trusted Canadian institution Maple Leaf Foods), and was impressed with the numbers on the recent anatomy scans. "You have beautiful babies", she assured us. Hear that, guys? Already breaking hearts with the ladies. A successful medical practitioner, too--a habit both of you would do well to keep up into adult life.

Lidia sez the boyos are kicking around in there like a couple of Brazilian soccer players, reacting to her voice, music, the cats' purrs, and the ambience of our oh-so-trendy neighborhood, but personally, it's because they find my arcane pop culture references and cheap puns hys-terical!

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