Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy B-Day For A Dad-2-B

It's another sweltering, rainy August, so you know what that means: the TIFF ticket selection rigamarole gets increasingly more byzantine and frustrating, the Fan Expo caps the month, and your humble narrator celebrates a birthday. Ordinarily, I'd say "dreads", but this year, it feels different, so my 44th toast was to accelerating the clock, instead of wishing it would slow down. There'll be so much to do once the boys are here, I can't wait to get started. But I'll conserve my energy for now--I'm gonna need it--so here I am on the patio of the nearby Foggy Dew with Lidia, my mother, and father, on a rare day where we weren't attacked by wasps or accosted by beggars while seated perilously close to our colourful downtown sidewalks. Next year, we'll see if I'm still smiling--I'm sure I will be, even if it's on the inside...

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