Monday, August 11, 2008

A pregnancy milestone reached

Yes, things are changing. As my pregnancy becomes more apparent, the rest of the world seems to be catching up. Today I reached a very important milestone.

Today I was offered a seat on the subway.

Heading home at an already too-late 6:15 pm, I was huddled by the door, as usual, trying to ignore the crowd around me and patiently wait for Bathurst station, where I get off to take the streetcar home. At Spadina (one stop before) I felt a tap on my shoulder. "You can have that seat if you want," said a woman, pointing to the middle seat of a set of 3 along the side of the car. I would have had to fight my way through five people to get to it. I said it was OK, I'm off at the next stop. But just the fact that she noticed me, and offered the seat, was very sweet.

Yes, I am showing. Now everybody knows.


  1. thank god she didn't call you ma'am!

    in no time people will be cursing you behind your back in a loud voice for bringing your kids out in public.

  2. That's OK, I'll just teach them to curse back.