Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No News Is Good News, Sure, But A Call Wouldn't Have Hurt...

Checked back with Dr. Grotell this morning to see if my three-months of daily vitamin B-12 doses did its Osmosis Jones magic on my red blood cell count. After a miserable 75 minute wait at the lab--standing in a crowded hallway so jam-packed that I could barely hold my cellphone in front of my face to place Tetris--I finally saw a technician who did my blood work in about 30 whole seconds. Excuse me, but what's the definition of "third world" these days, exactly?

"No news is good news" is my doc's motto, so now that a week has gone by without a followup call, I'll assume I'll live to see peace in the Middle East, a man on Mars, or at the very least, one or both of the boys attempt to wear their diaper as a hat.

Unless of course, the receptionist was sick that day and...

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