Monday, January 19, 2009

15 Pounds Of Trouble

Today it was back to visit Dr. Papadouris for the boys' biweekly checkup. Carter and Nathaniel each sported a snazzy new hat and were safe and sound in their car seats for the short ride up to Bloor Street.

When we arrived (late), the waiting room was packed with parents and toddlers of all ages but thankfully the wait wasn't too long, with time passed in the usual way--with complete strangers "oo-ing" and "aw-ing" over how adorable--and small!--the dynamic duo are...(they must be getting bored with this routine...)

But appearances can be deceiving--the little guys are definitely growing at a rate that the doc termed "fantastic". Here they are wiggling away happily before the weigh-in...

The results were just what we wanted to hear: Nathaniel now weighs 8 pounds and 2 ounces, and his older brother Carter is catching up at 7 pounds, 6 ounces! (even Carter seems surprised to hear the news!) They've nearly caught up with the cats...

We were so proud--and frankly, surprised--at how well-behaved both of them were. Nary a whine or a tear shed and both were very excited to be able to flop around in nothing but a diaper. We didn't even have to change them--and this was after each of them had to cope with getting a needle in the thigh (I don't think I would've been as strong--during my annual check-up, I still can't look down at my arm when the blood samples are taken).

("don't worry, son...we can always sue and get rich")

Of course, we didn't get off that easy: Carter had a bit of a relapse--I'm thinking a delayed reaction to that pin prick-- but that soon passed. On the way out, it was the usually onslaught of adoring strangers...we may have to hire bodyguards come spring...

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