Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wherever There's A Hangup, You'll Find The Spider-Man...

This morning, before work, I braved record freezing temps to ensure that the boys had a copy of the limited-edition, hard-to-get special issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man", which features an appearance by President-elect Barack Obama (who confessed in an interview that he's a fan of "Spidey" and "Batman"--is it any wonder I like the guy? I doubt Harper's heard of "Archie and Jughead"...). Good thing Lidia was watching CP24, else I probably would've missed out--I immediately bolted down Queen W. to the Silver Snail and got the very last copy...and was interviewed briefly on live TV for it.

The boys were obviously thrilled--Carter's mood improved tonight and Nathaniel indulged in a more-energetic-than-usual session of wiggling and squeaking, right through a phone call from Grandma.

To think--if someone had preserved an original 12¢ issue of Spider-Man from the year I was born, it'd be worth $5936 in today's dollars (and in only near mint condition). Of course, that likely won't even pay for text books by the time the boys eventually go off to college, but it'll be a heckuva fun read to look back...

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