Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Seats In The House

The boys enjoyed a visit from Mom's friends Jackie, Robin, Rowena, and Sheila this afternoon (affording Dad the opportunity to dash out for a matinee of "The Spirit") and witnessed their new admirers' gifts, attentions, and adorations from the cozy comfort of their own personal bouncy chairs (the infant equivalent of a barcalounger, I guess).
Nathaniel's about t-minus 1o seconds from a meltdown here (admittedly, those straps do inhibit his wiggling somewhat), while Carter seemed to respond to the vibro-action. But those chairs do block Maggie's access to her palm tree/scratching post (glimpsed partially at top of frame), which means if we don't reconsider the seating arrangements, she'll have no choice but to turn those claws loose on the furniture!

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