Monday, December 22, 2008

The Ying/Yang Of Twins...(as in, "They're Driving Me Out Of My--")

Chinese philosophy tells us that the concept of "yin and yang" means, among many things, that opposing forces are interconnected and complimentary within a greater whole. Yin and Yang arise together in a single movement from an initial emptiness, and continue moving together in tandem. If that sounds like I've watched too many "Kung Fu" repeats--you're not solution to calming Carter to sleep these past few nights is to bring him downstairs when I put on one of the DVDs.

What's most significant here is not just that it's such a great photo of the boys together, and perfectly illustrative of their complimentary/opposing dynamic, but that I typed this entire posting with ONE hand! (while holding a sleeping Carter in my it's time to go put on another episode from season four).

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