Friday, December 12, 2008


Tonight's visit to the boys at St. Mike's offered two delightful surprises: 1) Carter, out of his incubator, sitting up with his mom after a feeding...

2)Nathaniel, clad in oversized jammies, completely free of his chamber and now confined to a bed!

It seems like forever that I've been viewing these guys from behind plexiglass, and this is definitely a good indicator of their rapid recovery, and eventual release. The nurses eventually kicked us out to do their thing, and while I was sad to have to leave after only 45 minutes, I felt excited knowing they'd eventually be home.

Nathaniel was the picture of serenity as he seemed to be shrinking into his jumper...

Carter was bright-eyed and laughing as I waved goodbye. They've obviously pulled a fast one on me--I left with my wallet and car keys, so it must've been something else...

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  1. To everyone who's wondering, no I am not strangling little Carter a la Homer Simpson... I was just supporting his little head while burping him!