Friday, December 19, 2008

The Boys Are HOME!

Amazing--here they are and it all begins now. We weren't exactly sure when the dynamic duo would finally be freed from the hospital to their fashionable downtown domicile--Carter was taking to feeding quicker than Nathaniel and their staggered progress potentially had them arriving home on different dates (which would've been a logistical nightmare...but why quibble now?). Yesterday, Lidia was told that the boys were in great enough shape to go home, just in time for Xmas. They didn't even make us do the overnight test--in which parents' skills at feeding, changing, bathing, etc. are evaluated--since both Lidia and I never missed a day and had covered pretty much the entire range of responsibilities with flying colours.

The boys were submitted to something called a "car seat test", in which each was strapped into his own Graco special and monitored in what appeared to be a simulation of a 30 minute car ride with equipment left over from the 1930's "Flash Gordon" serials. Both boys passed with near perfect scores and after some paperwork and a few last minute items, we were on our way--just in time for Toronto rush hour!

More to come tomorrow--but here's a shot of the boys in their car seats, and being introduced to their big sisters Maggie and Minnie...

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