Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nathaniel's Serious Sit-Down Time With Pops...

Tonight, it was time to wash Mt. Sinai right out of Nathaniel's hair--well, what's there, anyway. He didn't seem to mind his bath at first, but started to get cranky when it all dragged on a little too long (I know where you're coming from, meboy, I go through the same thing each and every morning).

As soon as he was patted down and bundled up like a little taco, it was time to hunker down with Pops for a bottle-feeding and another rambling monologue about nothing much in particular. I free-associated Toronto, the differences between Minnie and Maggie, the names of all the people in his family he was going to meet (you've all got a lot of hype to live up now, relatives!), and managed to work in a few dinosaurs, and what his ol' man did for a living.

When it was time to put him to bed and hook him back up to his network of confusing wires and electronics (does this stuff actually do anything, or is it just there for effect?), Nathaniel seemed very relaxed, like he was taking it all in.

I plan to start reading him some real stories soon--classics like "On The Day You Were Born", "Oh The Places You'll Go", and "Where The Wild Things Are"--but right now, I'm enjoying having an audience for my boring anecdotes that everyone else has heard a million times...together, he and I and Carter will create some new stories's already been quite a tall tale!


  1. i'm thinking burrito more than taco. already they look they are growing soo much. so very adorable.

  2. Burrito--softer shell, right? Then what's a "Gordita"? Aye carumba--yeah, they're changing daily!