Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lidia's Home, The Boys Move To New Digs...

It's been exactly a week since this craziness began (although arguably, it began 9 months ago, for those counting), and Lidia finally came home today (although check out took about three hours!). Needless to say, the cats were thrilled, but the boys will spend a good part of December in hermetically-sealed recovery.

Today--amidst our protests--they were moved to the Level 2 nursery at St. Michael's Hospital.

Not that there's anything wrong with St. Mike's--it's a fine place, spacious, low-key, comparatively quiet, and only a few minutes' extra drive--but why not just have them stay where they were at Mt. Sinai with the staff who've known them since birth? Of course, we weren't given an answer, and, we are. We visited the boys too briefly tonight--tomorrow, I might take part in the night-time feeding. With a bottle...obviously...

Nonetheless, the boys seemed unaware of their dramatic ambulance ride, and appeared to be having sweet dreams...that, or they're planning a break-out...

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  1. "That pacifier is biger than Nate's head!"

    (that's Nate, right? .. just practicing my baby recognition skills)