Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Warriors

An eventful weekend that officially served as our kiss-off to sleeping late and lazing through "Match Game" reruns: Mario helped me install the new microwave, Lidia's mom brought food (well-timed), I built a crib (one more to go!), and Lidia and I shopped for some new preemie clothes, bedding, and some way-cool "Where The Wild Things Are" plushies.

But best of all, we got to spend a lot of time with the boys in the Level 2 Nursery at St. Michael's Hospital. They were wide-eyed and full of fun, finally out of the incubators and clearly craving the interaction (if not exactly the whole bath business...). They're making daily progress and what's most important is that they keep gaining weight and keep feeding without the hose!

I took a ton of photos this weekend (I'm lovin' my Sony HD camcorder, which also takes superb 10 megapixel stills), and here are two of my favorites: Nathaniel and Carter, being weighed in like a couple of pint-sized prize fighters...

Remember the eye of the tiger, boys, eye of the tiger...

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